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Fundatia pentru dezvoltare rurala din Romania -Objectives and actions

Objectives and actions


The will of Romania to reach the European standards requires utter changes in the core of the society. With its richness and diversity, the rural area represents one of the bases of future Romania. The Rural Development Foundation is contributing through its actions to the revival of Romanian rural life and takes part to the general effort for European integration.

Objectives of FDR

  • To initiate a social and professional training program for the future private farmers;
  • To promote standard integrated farms in the rural area in order to create technical development patterns;
  • To stimulate the establishment of strong rural communities starting from those standard farms;
  • To develop a modern information system which will promote these objectives and will be usable by the local producers;
  • To create and develop trade professional associations per agricultural product which are connected both at national and international levels;
  • To adhere to the initiatives concerning the revival of rural tourism.

Ways for the achievement of the objectives:

  • Promotion and establishment of internal and international programs to modernize the Rumanian schools of agriculture, and more particularly technical teaching;
  • Development of actions to stimulate the economic and social initiatives of rural communities;
  • Creation of a local civilian society, able to make permanent the economic and social development;
  • Technical aid and management consulting for private people, associations and economic agents of the rural area in order to consolidate and develop economically the rural community;
  • Improvement of communication and harmonization of the economic and social policy between local authorities, economic agents, non governmental organizations, institutions of culture and health;
  • Mobilization of all local resources referring to advises, consultations and formation of human resources;
  • Realization of programs with practical measures to fight unemployment.


  • Offering assistance to the High schools involved in the project;
  • Supporting the elaboration of financing files (SAPARD);
  • Consulting and technical assistance in the rural area;
  • Documentation and information services for farmers, investors, professional organizations etc.;
  • Promoting the new partnerships in various media, especially on Internet, and providing on-line consulting;
  • Offering relationship for all people involved in the rural area of Romania and across Europe.

FDR's task is “To stimulate the social and economical development of the rural sector in Romania”. Aware of the difficulty of its role and concerned with the efficiency of its actions, FDR permanently collaborates with all departments of agricultural and food production, agribusiness, education and also with the authorities involved in planing the European integration.

Financing of the FDR actions:

The necessary funds for the realization of the FDR mission are made up of subsidies, sponsoring, donations and contributions. The FDR has also its own resources coming from the suggested services.

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