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Fundatia pentru dezvoltare rurala din Romania -Building the Future for agricultural communities through lifelong learning

Building the Future for agricultural communities through lifelong learning

Project Aim: The project aims, over a two-year period, to design llifelong learning responses to the economic and social challenges facing agricultural communities throughout Europe in the years ahead.

Rationale for the project: The economic viability of the agricultural sector and rural communities in both traditional and new member states is under threat because of impending changes in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Because of limited skills, on the one hand, and skills available to many agricultural workers are not formally recognised, on the other, these workers are therefore experiencing difficulties in finding alternative employment to supplement their income. A lifelong learning approach, which includes the recognition of skills already available, will improve employability and adaptability among this sector of workers.

Transnational partners: Partners in the project come from Ireland, Portugal, UK, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania.  North Tipperary VEC is the lead partner in the project.

What the project will do:  The activities of the network will include:

  • Researching the past experiences and current trends among agricultural communities and the capacity of lifelong learning to respond to identified problems
  • Mapping current lifelong learning provision and identifying gaps
  • Developing courses to assist farmers and their families
  • Seeking formal recognition of farming skills
  • Publishing results.

Dissemination: Dissemination of new insights and approaches will begin from the start of the project and will involve key policy makers and practitioners at local, national and EU level. Dissemination channels will be provided through the networks in each country as well as conferences and publications. A project website will also provide an effective dissemination mechanism.

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